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business units

Brahmazon BUSINESS units


Advisory company for strategy, M&A in the sectors of real estate, technology, energy, and resources.

As a part of its energy practice, the company has advised major Indian corporations in the acquisition of energy assets and in the procurement of fuels, creating a network of suppliers and partners in the energy sector.

In the technology sector the company serves Clients with innovative strategies to embrace blockchain and digitalization to transform the way they do businesses.

Trading and Shipping

Brahmazon entered the sector with the mission to respond to demands from major Clients in the Subcontinent to directly source fuels and petrochemicals.

In a rapidly changing world, Brahmazon seeks differentiation through innovative trading concepts that aim to change the way that trading delivers value.

The company pursues an integrated approach to international oil & gas trading by operating in cooperation with shipping companies and with fuel and petrochemicals traders in the middle east and beyond.


The company’s investment strategy aims to support the build up of synergies that support their existing business objectives, for example through joint ventures with Partners and Clients.

On a case by case basis the company may also pursue opportunistic principal investments.